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How do we work with you?

We have our calendar linked directly to our website. Click on the “Schedule Online” tab. Then select “Prospective WealthKeel Clients,” and then select “Interested in Working with WealthKeel."

From there, you will be able to select a date and time that fits best with your schedule. If you can’t find something that fits your schedule, just let us know and we will find a date/time that does work.

If you don’t want to use the online calendar to schedule, just give us a call or send us an email!

How much money do I need to start?

By using a subscription based model, we do not place minimum account values on new clients. After our free initial call, we decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Do I need WealthKeel Planning or Project Specific?

Don’t stress about this one. Let’s get your free initial call scheduled and mutually agree on which path is best for you at this time. 

Do I need to live in Philadelphia to work with you?

Nope. WealthKeel was built to help people all across the country by our virtual-based planning model. We can meet with you by phone, virtually (via WebEx or Skype), or in person if you are in the Philadelphia region.  Even our local clients utilize the virtual model for some of our meetings!

The best part for you is we can meet anytime, anywhere, whenever and wherever that works for you. It will save you time and energy, and we can meet where you are most comfortable. 

What is a Certified Financial Planner™?

Anyone can call him or herself a “financial planner,” however, only those who have fulfilled the certification and renewal requirements of the CFP Board can display the CFP® certification marks.

  • Education – Complete a comprehensive course of study, which covers the financial planning curriculum approved by the CFP Board.
  • Examination – CFP® professionals must successfully complete CFP Board’s comprehensive examination, which tests an individual’s ability to integrate and apply their financial planning knowledge.
  • Experience – Three years of financial planning related experience before one can use the CFP® marks.
  • Ethics – Ascribe to the CFP Board’s code of ethics and additional requirements as mandated. This includes the Fiduciary standard, or acting in the client’s best interest.

What is Financial Planning and why do I need it?

Think about all the uncertainties in regards to financial and insurance topics in your life. Now, imagine having all those uncertainness identified and planned out into actionable steps for you. On top of that, you now have someone to navigate you through this process and be there every step of the way. Having a true financial plan built by a CFP® will give you even more confidence to help you achieve both your personal and financial goals.