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Our process was built around the Certified Financial Planner ™ practice standards with a few of our unique methods built-in. No matter which route we decide, WealthKeel Planning or Project Specific Planning, you will be guided through our distinctive process. This allows you to experience our unique process as we build your custom-crafted plan. We don’t believe in "cookie cutter" planning! 

Our process includes six steps:

Icebreaker CALL

  • Always FREE — no commitments!
  • Do we like each other? It is a casual conversation to break the ice and make sure we are a good fit, no documents needed. We will mutually decide if WealthKeel Planning or Project Specific Planning is best for you.
  • We will discuss where we go next and what is needed to move forward. 


  • Let’s get organized before we do anything else! We will gather your documents and work together to get you organized.
  • Then, we will explore your goals and possibilities, and take the time to discuss all your current and future goals, needs, and priorities. We will finish up by reviewing our financial planning agreement together. 


  • Our “nerdy” stuff—number crunching and custom-crafting of your WealthKeel behind the scenes.
  • We usually check-in a few times during this process to get any missing details or to ask a few questions. 


  • The best part—your WealthKeel is ready to set sail! We call it a “blueprint” because nothing is ever carved in stone. Life happens, and we will be ready for the numerous course corrections life throws at you. 
  • Your plan will be organized in to an easy to understand action plan which is known as your “To Do” list.


  • It is time to put your plan into action. A majority of your action items will be completed by our team. We will review your “To Do” list together and assist you in completing any necessary paperwork. 


  • This is the most important part of your plan; the ongoing monitoring of your plan. We will have a customized service calendar for you, which will include periodic review meetings and calls.