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"Ask Chad" Mondays!

Ask Chad Mondays are coming to you in 2016!

Do you have one or two financial questions that you just don’t know who to ask? Or after countless google searches, you still don’t know if the information was wrong or right? Well stress no more! Ask Chad Mondays will start in 2016!

“Ahhh, but I don’t feel like paying or being “sold” financial products…” Say no more, it is a FREE call and we will not be “selling” anything! We will just provide unbiased information and get your question(s) answered. Obviously, if we can help you or you would like to become a client, we would be happy to have you aboard, but that will be at your discretion.

Our goal is to do this on the last Monday of each month, and if we have scheduling conflicts, we will move it to another day or time. Either way, we will always have our calendar updated to provide dates and times for Ask Chad Mondays.  To help as many individuals as possible, we will limit the calls to 15 minutes.

What Topics Can We Ask About?

If you go to our “Services” tab and then click on “Project Specific Planning” that will give you a good idea of the common topic areas we will be able to help you with. If you do have something else, just let us know!

Here is our schedule for Quarter 1, 2016:

  • January 25, Monday: 3pm-5pm
  • February 29, Monday: 4pm-6pm
  • March 28, Monday: 4pm-6pm

What To Do Next:

  • Click on “Schedule Online” tab
  • Select “Prospective WealthKeel Clients”
  • Select “Ask Chad”
  • Pick a date and time that is convenient for you. This call is ALWAYS complementary.
  • When you are prompted for your name and email, please enter the question or topic you would like to discuss during our call in the “Your note” section. This will give us a chance to research prior to our conversation. 

Our Team at Vicus Capital

Kimberli Fleck, Esq Photo

Kimberli Fleck, Esq

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
David Rosenblatt Photo

David Rosenblatt

Portfolio Manager
Rob Hinson Photo

Rob Hinson

Investment Management Operations Analyst
Jennifer Bohlman Photo

Jennifer Bohlman

Advisory Client Services Associate
Jacqueline Trezza Photo

Jacqueline Trezza

Director of Operations
Mike Corcoran  Photo

Mike Corcoran

Case Manager, Risk Management Division
Ron Lutz Photo

Ron Lutz

Director of Information Technology

See their FINRA BrokerCheck background reports here.