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Small Business Spotlight, Conceptio Product Development

Small Business Spotlight: Conceptio Product Development

Our small business spotlight is meant to present our current clients, prospects, blog readers and followers to some remarkable small businesses!

The format will be simple; we will pose the same set of questions to all of the entrepreneurs. They will have to keep it short, to the point and no technical jargon (if we have to follow those rules, so do they!).

Without further delay, let us introduce our first small business spotlight, Conceptio Product Development!

Describe your company to a child (aka Lehman terms)?

Conceptio designs and creates products to solve life's everyday problems. 

Give us your elevator pitch (grown-up edition)?

Conceptio is a full-service product development studio specializing in industrial design, engineering, and manufacturing. Familiarity with a wide range of traditional and cutting-edge manufacturing processes combined with extensive knowledge of materials allows Conceptio to design great products for a variety of markets and industries. Conceptio also offers a wide range of branding and marketing services including logo design, web development, and social media deployment.

Check out our recently funded Kickstarter project, Shackle 22

What led to the creation of Conceptio?

In 2015, both Chris and Jerome were operating their own engineering/design companies. They connected through Kickstarter and decided to meet up and chat. The ideas began to flow and Conceptio was created weeks later. When speaking with Chris or Jerome it's obvious they have a passion for creating things and absolutely love what they do.

Give us 3 bullet point of why we should be using Conceptio?

  • Simple, beautiful design style
  • Offer a wide range of creative services (one stop shop)
  • We can make anything. Try us.

If Chad had to tell us one of his favorite stories about you, what would it be?

Chris’s response here was “the cat pee story or pushing me around Philadelphia in an office chair.” While those two stories are wonderful in many ways, and I would be happy to share at any time, the favorite story goes to our Wedding gift. Chris and his awesome wife, Steph BUILT our dining room table as our Wedding gift. That’s correct, built from scratch. Chris & Jerome were also on a tight deadline since it was required to host our families for Thanksgiving. The table is a beauty (see below) and it has so much meaning behind it, Mari and I can’t thank them enough for this amazing gift.

How can we keep up with Conceptio Product Development?

Website: http://Conceptio.Design