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Tax Ideas for Your 2016 Taxes.

The fresh start to a new year always has a great vibe to it, and then you remember the dreaded word that has only three letters…“TAX."

While many think their 2015 taxes are complete as of 12/31/2015, there are still some great tax saving tips you can utilize in 2016 to help with your 2015 taxes.

While we highly recommended that many of our clients hire a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for their taxes, we still complete our taxes via TurboTax at WealthKeel. From our perspective it helps dig in to the weeds and learn more each year about the tax system (it’s not fun, be sure to thank your accountant each year!). For this week’s blog we are going to share a great article from TurboTax that shares 10 tips to help lower your tax anxiety this year. Enjoy!

TurboTax: Tax Tips After Janaury 1, 2016

Our Team at Vicus Capital

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Kimberli Fleck, Esq

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
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David Rosenblatt

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Jennifer Bohlman

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Jacqueline Trezza

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Mike Corcoran

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