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Tracking Our Florida Miles.

Each year in February, we travel down to Florida to meet with our clients in the Sunshine State.  After our trip this year, it seemed that we saw most of the state of Florida. With the help of Google maps, we calculated the total miles traveled.

Sanibel Island sunrise.

Here is last week’s travel itinerary:

  1. Leave Philly and drive to Baltimore (BWI airport)
  2. BWI to Fort Myers, Florida
  3. Fort Myers to Sanibel
  4. Sanibel to Fort Myers
  5. Fort Myers to Tampa
  6. Tampa to Fort Lauderdale
  7. Fort Lauderdale to Hollywood Beach
  8. Hollywood Beach to Fort Lauderdale
  9. Fort Lauderdale to Miami and back to Fort Lauderdale (Not included in miles since this was our only “vacation” night)
  10. Fort Lauderdale Airport  back to Baltimore (BWI airport)
  11. Baltimore back home to Philadelphia

Drum roll….total miles traveled = 2,900 in one week! 

Flying over Philadelphia.