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Welcome to the WealthKeel Blog!

Our first ever blog post!

This will be more of an outline of what we will provide to you in the future, and allow us to “dip our toe” into the blog world.

We like to keep things short and sweet because there is already too much information overload in this world (thanks, Google!). The other main goal of our blog will be clarity and plain English. We are not going to use this blog exclusively for “financial planning topics;” however, when we do, we will use plain English to help you understand the topics. We hate technical jargon just as much as you do. 

“So what do you plan to blog about?” Great, I am glad you asked.

  • We will blog about relevant financial planning topics to help you and to educate you. As we said before, everything we post will be in plain English. There will be times where we draft a short summary of an article with a direct link to that article. The links/stories will provide greater details, and most likely carry some technical jargon. We will do our best to screen prior to posting. If you ever have a question about a post or article, our emails are listed on the contact tab.
  • Small Business Spot Light: We will blog about some of our business owners (with their permission) and what they do. It’s a cool way to share the unique businesses our clients own with our other clients and readers.
  • We will include some fun personal stories about the WealthKeel team. We have lives outside of the office (sometimes it doesn’t feel like it), and some are more interesting than others!
  • The blog will be our social media hub. It’s hard to convey good educational information with 140 characters.  When we have informational pieces, we will list the links on our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

We would also love for you to share any topics that you want to learn more about! Send us an email with a topic or question (Contact Tab), and we will do our best to get it addressed for you.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the most recent blog links!

Smooth Sailing, and Thank you!