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What is a "First Voyage WealthKeel?"

For the past few years, we have strategized on how we could offer a financial planning package tailored for Gen X & Gen Y. Today we are excited to announce, First Voyage WealthKeel, a financial plan custom built exclusively for our Gen X & Gen Y clients!  

Below is our description for the First Voyage WealthKeel package. We also have this under our “Services” tab now. 

 First Voyage WealthKeel: A Financial Plan for Gen X & Gen Y

We know where you’re coming from, already worrying about “the future”. Gen X & Gen Y are in a unique spot, pension plans are becoming extinct and who knows where social security will be when we retire. Our generations are entirely responsible for our own retirement, much differently than how our parents and grandparents retired. We are one of you, however we have the same credentials as your parents’ advisor (CFP®) though with energy and enthusiasm!

This is a no strings attached financial plan (we like to call it your WealthKeel). We will be there for you for the next 12 months to help you implement your plan and build a solid foundation. Also, should you decide to stick with us beyond the 12 month window, you’ll have the benefit of having an advisor who is your age and will actually get to retirement with you and be there every step of the way.

Your First Voyage WealthKeel will cost $300, simple as that, and with no monthly subscription fee. The industry average is $2,000 per plan. We feel that our generations are being neglected and/or being over charged; we want to change that now! If you want to get your planning started on the right foot, this is the way to go. Every sound structure needs a solid foundation and we are here to build that with you.

So why are we doing this? The fact of the matter is Gen X & Gen Y stand to benefit the most from a WealthKeel earlier in life. Ask your parents what their biggest financial regret is? I am going to put heavy odds on “I wish I started earlier.” This is because of our good friend, compounding interest. Risk management is even a more pressing concern. Picture this, you wake up tomorrow and can’t go to work ever again? What do you do if you become disabled? Our biggest asset is the ability to wake up every morning and go to work (whether you love it or not).

This package is available nationwide thanks to modern technology. Consultation will be done via virtual planning. If you are local in the Philadelphia area and would like to meet in person, we could arrange that at your request but not necessary.

Let’s build your First Voyage WealthKeel and set sail on your financial independence!

What we analyze:

Financial wellness (cash flow, savings goals & emergency fund)

  • Income vs. expenses, budgeting, debt and liability management, what amount should I be saving, what to do with student debt, how much do I need in an emergency fund and goal planning (home buying, marriage, baby, etc..) to help with your most pressing financial questions/concerns.

Employer benefits package 

  • Whether it is a 401k, 403b, 457, etc., we will review your current allocation and make suggestions on a new allocation for you. We will also analyze the fees on the funds for you to make sure you’re not overpaying.
  • To help you with proper life Insurance, disability Insurance and heath savings accounts planning.

Personal investment accounts (IRA, Roth IRA, Individual, Joint)

  • We will analyze any of your current investment allocations for you and make suggestions.

Personal insurance coverage 

  • To help you with proper life insurance, disability insurance on your current personal lines of risk management.

What you get:

Initial call/video conference to discuss your goals and concerns before we embark 

  • After the call we will email you our discovery packet for you to complete. From there we begin to build your First Voyage WealthKeel.

Embark call/video conference to review your plan

  • We will review your First Voyage WealthKeel along with your plan suggestions.

Your First Voyage WealthKeel,  2-4 pages in plain English 

  • We keep it short and precise to make it easier for you to understand. Tips & suggestions page to help you maximize your financial situation.

6 month follow up call/video conference to make sure you are on track with your implementation

  • Because the “Set it and forget it” mentality doesn’t work, we are here to make sure you are moving forward.

12 month check-in call/video conference

  • Our wrap up call, by this time you should have successfully implemented your plan suggestions.

Email/phone support for that entire 12 month period 

  • We are here for you!

Full access to your personal state of the art website, WealthHarbor

  • Not only can you view any accounts we manage for you, but you can also link any outside accounts, build a budget and much more. Your entire financial world will be just one click away. 

What to do next:

  • Click on the “Schedule Online” tab at the top of this page
  • Select “Prospective WealthKeel Clients”
  • Select "First Voyage WealthKeel"
  • Pick a date and time that is convenient for you. This call is always complementary. After the call we will email you your Discovery Packet and get started!  

Our Team at Vicus Capital

Kimberli Fleck, Esq Photo

Kimberli Fleck, Esq

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
David Rosenblatt Photo

David Rosenblatt

Portfolio Manager
Rob Hinson Photo

Rob Hinson

Investment Management Operations Analyst
Jennifer Bohlman Photo

Jennifer Bohlman

Advisory Client Services Associate
Jacqueline Trezza Photo

Jacqueline Trezza

Director of Operations
Mike Corcoran  Photo

Mike Corcoran

Case Manager, Risk Management Division
Ron Lutz Photo

Ron Lutz

Director of Information Technology

See their FINRA BrokerCheck background reports here.