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What if your finances could make you feel flexible, fun, and free?

When we work together to provide you with financial planning services or as-you-need-it financial advice, that’s what’s possible for you. Whether you need ongoing support, accountability, strategies, and advice -- or you just have one big problem you want a solution for -- WealthKeel can show you the way forward to a financial life that feels good and leaves you feeling confident.

Financial Planning    |    A La Carte Advice

Here’s What We Can Accomplish Together:

  • Correcting any problems or issues that might be anchoring you in place and preventing you from making progress now.
  • Strategies to help you identify your goals and action steps to work toward them.
  • Planning for the future - whether that’s something you want to accomplish in 5 years or it’s your retirement in a few decades.
  • Practical financial to-dos, like answering all your questions and addressing concerns along with making sure you have the right accounts, policies, and savings plans in place.
  • Taking care of taxes to maximize your tax efficiency, and other financial priorities as you need them (like estate planning, saving for college, and more).

Financial Planning

WealthKeel provides a unique and specific process as part of our financial planning services. As part of that process, you’ll receive a written financial plan that summarizes your financial situation, lays out goals and other milestones we want to hit, and provides action steps that we’ll take together in order to accomplish what’s important to you.

Additional Benefits

WealthKeel financial planning clients also enjoy access to their customized dashboard to see everything at a glance. We call it your WealthHarbor, and it provides you with a place that you can access anytime, anywhere, to check out everything that’s going on in your financial life.

Financial planning clients receive more than a plan and advanced planning tools. They get something that may be even more valuable: guidance, accountability, and help at every turn.

We offer 4 to 6 startup meetings and 2 review meetings each year. Each review meeting will have a list of items that we continually monitor and update as part of your customized service calendar. We’re also available by phone and email as needed.

A La Carte Advice

Just have one question you want a pro to answer? Need help overcoming a specific financial challenge or problem? Want a little help here and there, but don’t need to hire a full-time financial planner yet?

Whatever the reason, we understand that sometimes you just need straightforward, to-the-point advice from an expert on specific area in your financial life. That’s why we offer our A La Carte Advice service.

What Should We Talk About?

We’re here to tackle whatever challenge you’re facing or question you need an answer to. But if you’re still not sure exactly what we could cover and provide you with advice, guidance, and a strategy for success on, here are some of the popular topics we’ve covered with clients in the past:

Debt Repayment: Student Loans, Credit Cards, and Personal Loans
Financial Wellness
College Planning
Employer Benefits

Not sure which service is right for you?

We’ve made it easy to compare the two main ways we can work together. Check out the chart below - or schedule a call to chat through your options. We can hash out the details and help you understand what kind of support makes the most sense for your situation.

Financial Planning

A La Carte Advice

Topics Covered
Financial Wellness, Investment Planning/Management, Insurance & Protection Planning, Retirement Planning/Outlook, Education Planning, and Tax & Estate Planning.
Built to address one or two particular questions or topics you need help with.
Year 1: 4-6 meetings, on average
Year 2+: 2 meetings each year
1-3 meetings, on average
One-Time Plan Creation Fee + Ongoing Subscription Fee
WealthHarbor Access
Email & Phone Support
 We’re here for you!
Only for project duration.