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At WealthKeel, we strive to make the complicated easy. To do so, we’ve built everything into two simple packages. The first, we call WealthKeel Planning. This is true financial planning; we custom-craft your original blueprints, navigate the waters with you, and we're there for your numerous course corrections along the way. It is the way your planning should be done: actionable, thorough, and built by a Certified Financial Planner ™.

Our second package is Project Specific Planning. We understand that everyone is not ready for or in need of ongoing planning just yet. Therefore, Project Specific Planning helps to answer more particular and individualized questions regarding your financial planning.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Take the first step and contact us to schedule your FREE assessment. We will listen to your needs, walk you through all the necessary steps to achieve your goals, and together, decide which route is best for you.

WealthKeel Planning
Project Specific Planning
Topics Covered
Financial Wellness, Investment Planning/Management,
Insurance & Protection Planning,
Retirement Planning/Outlook,
Education Planning, and
Tax & Estate Planning.
Built to address one or two particular questions/topics you need help with.
Startup Meetings (Year 1)
4-6 meetings, on average
1-3 meetings, on average
Ongoing Meetings (Year 2+)
Two Meetings Each Year
One-Time Plan Creation Fee
$1,500 - $5,000
Ongoing Subscription Fee
Details on "WealthKeel Planning" tab
WealthHarbor Access
Email & Phone Support
As long as you’re a client, 
we’re here for you!
Only for project duration.