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Your WealthKeel Plan includes

A five-to-ten page, easy to understand financial plan, summarizing the good, the bad, and your “to-do” list.

We’ll provide analysis, recommendations, and ongoing support on:

  • Financial Wellness: Cash Flow, Debt Management (student loans, credit cards, personal loans), Net Worth, Emergency Funds and Life Planning for Your Goals
  • Investment Planning/Management
  • Insurance & Protection Planning
  • Retirement Planning/Outlook
  • Education Planning
  • Tax & Estate Planning

You will receive access to our modern web interface, WealthHarbor. Here you can view your entire financial world with a single click, including both WealthKeel and outside accounts.

Four-to-six startup meetings and two review meetings each year:

  • Each review meeting will have a list of items that we continually monitor and update each year as part of your customized service calendar.
  • Available by phone and email as needed.


$1,500 - $5,000 One-Time Plan Creation Fee* + Ongoing Annual Subscription:

Ongoing Annual Subscription
Assets Under Management
Financial Planning Fee
Investment Management Fee
$0 - $200,000
$2,400 Annually ($200/month)
1.00% & Lower

*One-time plan creation fee varies based on complexity. 

The fee structures outlined above are our current guidelines and are subject to change.